Balaam’s ass, the patron saint of apologists


Some good food for thought for all the apologists out there

My wife and I prayed for her father for 25 years. Eventually he came to faith. He died in his 90s, and you’d think he’d been a Christian all his life. But he was a pretty hard-bitten atheist. It took us 25 years of praying and witnessing. We always hoped it would be something instant and easy. It wasn’t.

I have a little silver donkey to remind me of Balaam’s ass, the patron saint of apologists. At our best we are humble, hopefully serviceable to the Lord, and sometimes a little ridiculous. Much as we think of our great arguments and our great approaches, they simply don’t work. We’ve got to go back and try again and pray and love. It’s not an easy thing.

God bless

James 🙂


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9 replies

  1. Love your post and the “silver” donkey. I have had this donkey speak to me a time or two!!

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  2. Ahhh, thanks I enjoyed reading this. I think I need a little silver donkey.

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  3. I’m with IB, can I get a donkey amulet to wear or something? Take it out and rub it when I think I can actually convince or convert another?

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  4. I’ve been in the midst of praying for my parents salvation; this was an encouragement more than you realize.

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