Trolls, Ken Hamm, and vegetarian dinosaurs oh my

Around 15 or so years ago I was about three comments into a discussion about creation when a regular accused me of not believing in fossil feul.

“How can anyone take you serious when you don’t believe in the gas you put in your own car, you f-ing moron?”

In retrospect I guess I should have cut my losses right then and given up on defending the faith to stubborn scoffers and Internet trolls but, alas, I guess it takes three or so million such entounters and over a decade and a half for some people to learn.

But learn I did, eventually, right around the time a few months ago I decided that I was absolutely done trying to reason with the wilfully ignorant who only wish to forcefully point out my baseless superstitious nonsense so I might wise up and embrace reason.

And what a treat it has been ignoring the mindless blather of know it alls who haunt the comment forums of this blog and countless others, valiantly waging their unholy war against frakking fundamentalist arsehats who don’t have the common decency to shut the frak up about the fictional Jesus of Nazareth character already.

But, as good as avoiding members of Church of Atheism and their seething need to get payback against Christian bloggers for hurts they experienced at the hands of their own religious oppressors has been, it isn’t possible to avoid them all, all the time. 

Hence a conversation I had recently in which I was accused of worshiping Ken Hamm, believing humans and vegetarian dinosaurs used to walk around hand in hand, and thinking Old Earth Creationists will burn in Hell forever.

Vegetarian dinosaurs? Patently absurd and should have been ignored I know but…


For clarification purposes, this blog’s official position on origins is Young Earth Creationism.

That being said, this blog and its owner recognize that Old Earth Creationism is a valid viewpoint that a Christian can hold. In no sense is Old Earth Creationism heresy and in no sense should Old Earth Creationists be shunned, scorned, or not considered  true brothers and sisters in Christ.

In the interest of fairness, this blog has positively presented Old Earth Creationism as it is commonly understood because the blog’s owner firmly believes it is good for alternative viewpoints to be examined, motivating us to further search the Scriptures to make ensure our own beliefs are biblically sound.


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  1. Howzit , James.
    You still writing your post on Catholicism?


  2. Without a doubt, we can agree that those who have repented of their sins and accepted the death/resurrection of Jesus as payment for there sins are “in Christ.” And we are to be united with those that are in Christ as is mentioned over in over in Ephesians. And we should be united in correct teaching of God’s Word.

    It is however, a problem when those who claim to be teachers of the Word begin to marginalize the teachings of scripture by upholding the atheistic presuppositions of science as more authoritative than God’s special revelation. Where scripture needs interpretation, proper exegesis demands that we use scripture to interpret…not atheistic interpretations of long-age time. If the historical portions of scripture can be re-interpreted to incorporate long ages to pacify atheistic interpretations of data, why not other parts of scripture to accommodate current societal perversions?

    These parts of scripture are marginalized or ignored to accommodate long ages:
    1. Genesis 1 – Days are clearly (sequential ordinals, evening/morning) typical days. There is a Hebrew word for eras (‘eth), and it was not used. If like OEC says that these days really means eras, why was the Hebrew word for day used and not eras?
    2. Genesis 3 – Death/thorns are specific results of Adam’s sin. Since God claimed all of his creation was very good after creating mankind, there could not have been death (even nephesh death) prior to Adam’s sin. The death of a lamb was used as a representative of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, so why would OEC claim that death is a “good” part of creation and has been happening for millions of years prior to Adam if death is the “final enemy” (I Cor 15:26)? Lastly, there are fossils of thorns in layers of rock that atheists claim are millions of years old. OEC would have to marginalize some part of the understanding of God’s Word in order to accommodate these findings.
    3. Genesis 5 and 11 – The genealogies are defined with specific number of years per generation. With these ages added up, there’s not enough room for millions of years.
    4. Genesis 6-11(1 and 2 Peter 3, Isaiah 54:9) – Global flood. OEC claims no flood or local flood. But the only mountains, Ararat, mentioned in the text, which Genesis 7:19 clearly says was completely covered is almost 17000 feet high. The flood waters must have been at least 17000 feet high during the flood, and the water level at a minimum of this height would have covered the earth. Also, God promised to never again flood the earth as he did in Noah’s day. If (as OEC says) it was a local flood, then God’s eternal word is in question because there have been many local floods since that time.
    4. Mark 10:6 – Jesus : “But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.” So, OEC says that mankind was not created at the beginning of creation but billions of years after creation.

    There are many more reasons not to trust OEC teachings. Yes, those who believe in their heart and confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and was raised from the dead are one with us in salvation. The OEC should be brought back into unity under authority of scripture and shown with kindness that God’s Word does not need modern culture’s interpretations of data to reshape God’s intent.

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