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As most parents will tell you, it’s hard to let go of our children. When God brings them into our lives, He also lays on us the responsibility of caring for them, teaching them the right things and giving them things that will help them prepare for their future.

When they take their first steps, we’re right behind them to catch them if they fall. When they learn to ride a bike, we add additional wheels to make it safe and walk behind to make sure they don’t fall off. We provide helmets, safety gear, booster seats, hand sanitizer and a variety of other things to protect them. We basically don’t want them to experience some of the pain we did in growing up, so we do as much as we can to shelter them. There does come a time when we have to let go of that protection and let them learn through experience.

God does that with us every day. He allows challenges to come into our lives so that we learn how to deal with them. He knows the pain we feel. He has experienced the suffering of losing of a child. He knows what it’s like to be betrayed, rejected and scorned for no reason, but He is our loving Father and He let’s go of us so that we will return like prodigal sons to His loving arms for protection. Letting go isn’t easy, but letting God is.


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