There will always be those who think we lack intelligence by believing something we can’t see, but the evidence is everywhere.  Take a look at the beauty and majesty of this world.  Imagine what it looked like before sin corrupted it.  See the craftsmanship of God in the birth of a new child – each finger and toe perfectly designed – each body part having a purpose.

Look at the intelligence of humanity.  Our minds didn’t just evolve from some big bang that occurred millions of years ago.  God planted the ability to reason and choose into our brains, to separate us from the animals.

Observe the glory of each bit of vegetation – how seeds when nurtured and protected grow into something beautiful and useful.  The mathematical design of life is so complex we can’t even begin to understand every facet of it. By not understanding, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

When we’re troubled by those who don’t share our beliefs, we shouldn’t become angry with them or try to engage them in arguments.  That will only lead to is frustration and defeat.  If they don’t accept what we believe, nothing we say or do is going to change that.  Their minds are already made up.

What we can do is pray for them and care about them.  Our prayers should include our love for them and our desire that they someday will understand that God is the only truth that exists in a world of darkness.  With that knowledge, they will enjoy life eternal in heaven.

We base our beliefs totally on faith.  Faith is believing something that we don’t understand but still know it’s true.  It’s a concept that isn’t much known in our world.  We need something to back up our reasoning.  God doesn’t need explanation.  He just is and the evidence of His existence is all around us.  We simply need to look for it.  It isn’t complicated, and that drives intellectuals crazy.


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  1. Would you say that it requires reason to solve a practical problem in order to get at something that you can’t simply walk up to and pick up? For example, there is a locked draw with a bible in it and there is a key is on the window sill. Does it require reason and choice to use the key to open the drawer?


  2. @limey

    I suspect KATHY thinks you are being argumentative, and she is probably right. Nevertheless, the subject of faith does confuse people. Unfortunately, we use the word to mean different things.

    Faith does not require Christians to disregard reason. The first universities were established by theologians. Reason supports the concept that God exists. In addition, many Christians believe that Jesus lived and died for our redemption and rose from the dead for logical reasons. Consider, for example, the testimony of the martyrs who saw Jesus after He rose from the dead. Why would they have lied?

    Nevertheless, there is a point where reason fails us. Just because we believe in Jesus does not mean we understand God or His plans for us. Therefore, faith is required, faith in our Savior.

    So what about your example of reason? No faith is involved? You can guess that the key on the window sill will open the drawer, but it still requires faith to act. Most of the actions related to opening that drawer will occur without your being able to understand exactly how they are even possible. You just believe you can do it.

    1. You reason that the key will open the drawer. Are you sure it is the right key? How does your brain work? Did you reason correctly? In spite of years of research, we still don’t understand all the physics and chemistry of the processes involved.
    2. You pick up the key, turn it in the lock and open the drawer. We would have fits designing a robot that could perform such a seemingly simple task. It is far easier to pick up the key, turn it in the lock and open the drawer that it is program a robot to do the same thing. Yet somehow your brain can manage the task in seconds.

    Without giving it much conscious though you or I can easily pick up a key and use that key to unlock a drawer. Then we can take a Bible out of that drawer and read it. Yet each of us begins such tasks because we have faith our bodies and minds can and will do what we wish. We don’t understand how our minds and bodies work; we just know what they can do. So we act with faith in the abilities of our minds and bodies.

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    • Thanks Tom. You said it better than I could .. the minute intelligence gets in the wash, faith disperses.

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        You said it well enough. I just tried to address limey’s comment directly.

        the minute intelligence gets in the wash, faith disperses.

        It is well you put it that way. You have put in simple prose a subtlety that is not easily appreciated. I know I once would not have understood, and the statement still rankles. The first thing I wanted to say is “that can’t be true”, but it is.

        Our pride does not like admitting that we come to a point where we must set our intelligence aside. Yet we have examples. Don’t we all know athletics is partly a mind game? When the game starts — when it is time to perform — an athlete must clear his mind, set aside doubts, and just focus on the game.

        Once an athletic event starts, intelligence has little to do with winning the game. No longer does an athlete have time to carefully analyze each move. He must execute what he has practiced over and over and over again. He must have faith in his skills and his preparation. Just as a Christian must keep his focus on Jesus, an athlete must focus on the goal and not himself.

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