Marriage 101 – Why your marriage might be a mess


Great bit of marriage advice right here.

A good number of married couples are children in adult bodies. Though they may have a decent education or have established a nice career, they stopped growing emotionally and spiritually a long time ago or never learned how to grow emotionally and spiritually to begin with.

When they feel angry, they act angry. If they feel like pouting, negative behavior ensues. If lying or deceitfulness serves them they lie and deceive. They say whatever comes to their mind and show their spiritual and emotional immaturity. This is nothing less than childish behavior that keeps marriage counselors busy.

I have found that until someone learns to say yes to Biblical principles and learn how to be a Spirit controlled person and no to their childish emotions, they will never learn how to properly deal with their marital issues. They will be up one day and down the next, and they will take their marriage on a perpetual roller coaster ride.

As always, God and biblical living are the answer.


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