Is the existence of evil and suffering evidence that God exists?


Even the existence of suffering or evil (and our recognition of it as such) is better explained under the God hypothesis than under a naturalistic one. The philosopher Alvin Plantinga writes:

Could there really be any such thing as horrifying wickedness [if there were no God]? I don’t see how there can be such a thing only if there is a way that rational creatures are supposed to live, obliged to live. . . . A [purely naturalistic] way of looking at the world has no place for genuine moral obligation of any sort . . . and thus no way to say there is such a thing as genuine and appalling wickedness. Accordingly, if you think there really is such a thing as horrifying wickedness ( . . . and not just an illusion of some sort), then you have a powerful . . . argument [for the existence of God]

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  1. Exactly. The existence of God implies that some places will be absent of him, which is the definition of evil. Of course, that argument requires free will, but most skeptics don’t see to have a problem with that.

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  2. Yep, amen. Without God, there is nothing to weigh “evil” against. What’s evil to the fly isn’t evil to the spider, that’s just dinner.

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