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Winter seems to leave us wanting and waiting.  Waiting for new life, for green grass and new budding plants.  It can seem an endless period time, but God dresses everything with such beauty when there’s new fallen snow.  Winter will last for a while, here in the frozen tundra, but in the meantime, we marvel at His handiwork.

Wind spirits itself through the trees, while white flakes again fall



Often laughing at us as they pass by our windows.

We know it won’t last, but this final burst is almost too much to bear,

When hopes of spring were right around the corner,

The sun beats it warm rays upon this new fallen blanket of white,

It shimmers like diamonds in its luminosity.

Brilliant white – soft, clean and new –

Covering the remnants of unresponsive,


Dead earth,

The circle of life acquiesces to the beginning of a new season,

But not without a fight,

It hangs tight to the weary length of the old,

But soon will give way to the new life that awaits.


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