Our country has a penchant for watching others fail – the Kardashians, the Duggars, those in politics and even within our own families.  Somehow it makes us feel better about our own failures and shortcomings.  When we look at other’s sinful behavior and judge them, we are being nothing short of hypocritical.

The church can be perceived in this way at times.  When an egregious sin occurs within the membership, the course is to follow the outline in God’s Word – Matthew 18:15-17.  It may seem harsh to discipline the offender, but the hope is that, like the prodigal son, they will realize their sin and come to repentance and be welcomed back with open arms.

That doesn’t mean the church is sitting in judgment.  It’s more like an act of love and compassion for the one who has gone against the teachings of God’s Word.

Everyone of us is a sinner.  It’s part of our DNA and was passed down from  Adam and Eve.  When they disobeyed God, humanity’s relationship with Him was severed.  He no longer would physically walk with His disobedient children.  There now was a separation that put man and God at opposition.  Still God loves His children and doesn’t want to lose them, so He provided a way for their redemption –  His own blood.

Everyone has a secret we don’t want the world to know.  We fall short of God’s expectations, but He invites us back into His arms when we realize our sins, repent of them and strive to change with His help.

The church has been referred to by some as an elite country club full of hypocrites.  I like to think of it as a hospital for sinners – a cafeteria where the food of life is served – a place to come and get a fresh start.


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  1. The title drew me in and it was well worth the read. I love the reminder that sin is apart of our DNA, but apart of God’s DNA is compassion and forgiveness. Great post!

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