“Covetousness is both the beginning and the end of the devil’s alphabet – the first vice in corrupt nature that moves, and the last which dies.” Michel de Montaigne

The word, covet means not only to desire something, but to want what belongs to someone else without regard to their rights. There’s a commercial where a guy is talking to a group of kids about “more being better,” and they come up with all sorts of things that are important to have “more” of.

Some of the synonyms for covet include to pant after, salivate for, thirst and yearn for. The original Hebrew word means to be charmed by. All of these terms show just how deep this word goes to the core of our desires.

When we get so hung up on something we want, it can consume our thoughts as well as the way we live. We are all guilty of wanting more. God wants us to succeed in life, but He doesn’t want us to step on others to get there. Nor does He want the devil to get a firm foothold on our souls.  This tool of Satan’s can destroy us from the inside out. 

Dear God, you know what’s going on inside of me all the time. That can be frightening, but it also gives me hope, because you have freely given me your forgiveness. Be with me today and protect me from the devil, the world and sinful desires. Amen!



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