What are you doing for your body today?

Doesn’t matter what you’re doing to stay fit as long as you are doing something.


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  1. You do not need a fancy gym with a huge annual fee. You can train at home as I have done for 30 years and stay fit enough to survive the ravishes of old age. I originally trained in boxing for 20 years and a martial art similar to Tae kwon Do for over 20 years and even though I do not teach any more I regularly still exercise in all the techniques. I believe at the advanced age of almost 64 I am as good or even better than I was when I was 30 or 40.


    • Excellent Steve, I am happy to hear you are giving old age a fight. I am just shy of 50 but am getting older every day and am inspired by people l Ike you.

      No, you definitely don’t need a gym, that’s for sure. Consistency and hard work are key, doesn’t really matter where you work out.



  2. I’m glad you posted this James. For the last almost 10 years my work alone has been all the workout I have needed to keep myself in really good shape. Sadly, since my promotion, I simply don’t labor like that anymore and have been shocked by how quickly things change. This is even more true once you hit mid fifties, as I am. You have included some easy, not expensive, or time intensive things. Thanks!

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    • While it’s good you got a job that’s easier on you, it does have some consequences a lot of people don’t think about until they begin to see them.

      As someone who has been a desk jockey a long time I can tell you that there are a number of things that you can do that are low cost and don’t take too much time.

      Throughout the year I am going to feature routines I use at home and in hotel rooms.


      • I’ll be looking forward to those, James. I’m not exactly a desk jockey LOL; I am a van jockey. We actually don’t have offices anymore since we went to a completely paperless, mobile operation. My office is a itty bitty Dodge Prostar city van. It’s quite cute LOL. I have my phone, laptop, and a power inverter to run it. A desk would be better, as being on the road or beside the road in a van all day is really hard on the body. And our work is all in the field, so desks are pretty useless anyway. The action is somewhere in the 12,000 square miles I am responsible for.

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