“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”Maya Angelou

Attitude is everything, but sometimes our attitude pushes us to extremes.   In either case, our attitude can change the way we view life – the way others view us – and determine how we approach the future.

Starting a new year can give us the impetus to change a negative attitude, but in the long run, there’s much more to it than just making a resolution.  Putting on a happy face, when our heart is aching isn’t always possible.  When we find ourselves in a life or death situation, it’s hard to be positive.  When those around us have been consumed with their own careers, dreams and desires, we can often feel left out or rejected.

So what does a Christian do when they need an attitude adjustment?  We should be going to the greatest example of selflessness ever to walk the earth.  When God walked among us through His Son, Jesus, we see someone who faced adversity from the moment of His miraculous birth up until the time of His horrendous death.  During His life, He managed to put everyone else first.

We will not be guaranteed a perfect life by doing this.  There will always be problems and strife – death and hopelessness – but if we can reach for the best in everyone of those circumstances, our arms will always stretch upwards.

Certainly we can’t be like Jesus, because we still possess a sinful nature, but striving to follow his example gives us a perfect role model.  As we begin this new year, let’s look ahead for a new approach to life.  Cast off the things that hold us tightly and are getting us nowhere and begin to focus on what’s really important – our daily walk with Jesus.



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