When time runs out, I don’t want to be surprised…

Powerful stuff…

Suddenly, a drunk driver doesn’t stop at the red light. A weak blood vessel in your brain suddenly ruptures. There is an accident at your workplace. Your heart… skips… a beat. Whatever the cause, your clock has run out. Next thing you know, you are standing before the judgment seat of God. Yes there’s a nagging doubt, but it is overwhelmed by confidence that you are a child of the light. You will say, “Lord, I was a Christian. In Your Name I prophesied, cast out demons and did many miracles. I went to church every Sunday and tithed faithfully… most of the time.” But to your surprise He will answer, “I never knew you. Get away from me you who break God’s laws.”


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  1. James, I put my life on it, that after death you will know exactly what you knew before you were born.


  2. It truly is a statement that should haunt every believer…

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    • Yes it should. I was thinking about this while watching a news story about two celebrities who passed recently. After hearing people say, “they are in a better place” a few times I wondered how people are so sure of that. Are they? Will we be? Are we sure? Are we absolutely sure?

      If it doesn’t haunt us it should at least make us think.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂



  1. When time runs out, I don’t want to be surprised… — The Isaiah 53:5 Project | guitartist858

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