This post was originally written for my sister’s birthday 10/24/14 and has been receiving a lot of interest lately, so I thought I’d repost it to show her the honor she deserves.


A sister is a person you can love with all your might,

She’ll do most anything for you.  You trust her with your life.

The best true friend you’ll ever have, she’ll never let you down .

She’ll have your back when others won’t, and make smiles from a frown.

A sister loves forever.  Her limits have no end –

A confidante – a mentor – a model and a friend.

There’s an old saying about not being able to choose our relatives.  If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else but my sister.  Even though we spent most of our childhood competing with each other, she is my best, forever friend.

She came at a time in my life when I definitely needed a reality check.  I was the firstborn grandchild on both sides of my family so to say I was spoiled was an understatement.  I needed to be set straight and God knew exactly how to do it.

I was determined that she wouldn’t take the spotlight from me.  When her crying became more than I could bare, I packed my little suitcase, donned my chenille bathrobe and threatened to leave.  Of course I didn’t, but it was the start of a very rocky relationship for the two of us in those early years. Undoubtedly this was the beginning of my dramatic career.

Our childhood consisted of enduring her shenanigans – reluctantly sharing my sweaters with her – sharing a bedroom – sharing everything.  I grew to resent her naturally curly hair, her enchanting personality and the fact that she was never punished for things that I had been prior to her arrival.

After we left the nest, we seemed to come together more and more.  Sisters are like that sometimes.  It takes a while to realize how important you are to each other.  As we’ve grown older we’ve taken on the characteristics of our mother – we’ve continued to make each other laugh – we’ve gone through some bad times and some great ones.

I can’t imagine what my life would have been without her.  We now live miles apart, but she will always hold a very special place in my heart.


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  1. Wonderful tribute! Thank you for sharing your gifts!


  2. Beautiful, I lost my sister this year.. a hole in my heart.

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