I think of Your tiny body asleep on a mound of hay –

Your tiny, dimpled hands reaching up to your mother’s breast –

Your soft, fuzzy head nestling closer to her.

How did you sleep on that first night of your birth?

You were helpless – in a room surrounded by animals –

Gazed upon with admiration by a group of shepherds and angels.

You were hungry – tired from the birthing experience – Your little body swaddled in strips of cloth to keep you warm.

Your eyes opened and closed.  You had ten fingers and toes.  You were like any newborn – a little ruddy – wrinkled – soft and new.

There is nothing like the birth of a child.  What a perfect way for you to come to us.

Full of life and promise – untouched – perfect in every way.

You came into an imperfect world – struggled through a life of poverty.

In every way You were a baby like others, but unlike others You were perfect.  You are the true Son of God.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith! The birth of Jesus changed the world forever!

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