OK, this isn’t your average Christmas tree, but work with me here. This is just an ordinary oak tree with some brilliant light shining through it. It could be the perfect tree to represent the birth of our Savior.

We are introduced to two trees in the Genesis account of creation – the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The first inhabitants were given the Tree of life for food.  The other one they ate from in hopes of becoming as wise as God.

At the other end of the Bible, we are again introduced to the Tree of Life in Revelations.  This tree is to be used for the healing of nations.

In between those two bookends, we find a series of stories that pertain to various kinds of wood – for example we hear of beaver wood in the production of the ark.  Our Savior was born in a feed box, which may have been made of wood.  He grew up as an apprentice to His step dad  who worked as a carpenter.  He used many examples of trees in His ministry.  Later in His life he would carry the cross beam of his own instrument of death to Golgotha where He suffered and died for the sin of all men.  It should have been us on that tree.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, the tree of life would no longer be theirs.  Their disobedience pushed them out of paradise and their lives changed every life after them.  The fact that the same tree will again be in the new earth that God promises, gives us confidence that we will be restored to our original union with Him.

He will come again and He promised it would be soon.  When you’re trimming your tree this year, it’s something to ponder.


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