He was called “the Great,” but he was one nasty dude. Herod was charismatic, ruthless, paranoid and maniacal. What a guy. Born an Edomite, he was a Jew like his subjects. In his lifetime he built Judaea into a thriving metropolis. One of his projects was Masada, a heavily protected fortress built on a mesa.

He was one of the movers and shakers of his day, but he had a dark side. He had 10 wives, one which he killed in a jealous rage. He also had two of his own sons murdered, because he feared they were plotting to kill him. He ruled Judaea with an iron fist.

The Jews had been given the promise by the government that they could worship outside of the Roman religions, but they had to pay for the privilege. Herod taxed them heavily and used the revenue for his massive construction plans. We all know what happened when he found out that another King was born – One who would have more power than he.  He ordered the death of all male children under the age of two.

Ah, yes, what a guy, but if it hadn’t been for Herod, the taxing wouldn’t have been put in place. God always takes the evil of this world and turns it into good.  It’s all part of His blueprint for all people.

Lord, my sins are just as deplorable as Herod’s, but you loved me and the whole world enough to send your only Son to redeem everyone of us. Thank you for making the time right for Jesus’ birth.


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