Being a wordsmith, I find it interesting to study the origin of words. When you look at where a word came from and how it was originally used, it can put a whole new meaning on things.

For example, the word “advent” was derived from the Latin word, adventus, which means “coming.” Other words were also formed from this root word, like “adventure” which means an exciting or unusual experience. The actual meaning of the word “advent” is the expectation of the arrival of something special. Some of the synonyms for this word are; onset, beginning, commencement and start.

As we celebrate this Advent season, which is the preparation time before Christ’s birthday, we can look forward to something very exciting and special. It is the anticipation we feel in knowing that our Savior, God will come to take away our guilt. He will be like no other king the world has known. He won’t have all the trappings and wealth of a king. He will have no gilded throne. He won’t have servants; he will become the King of Kings. This is the one who came for all of us; the something special we have hoped and prayed for to deliver us for centuries.

He came, He suffered, He died, He rose from the dead and He returned to His heavenly throne to take His rightful place next to His Father. There He will reign through all eternity and wait expectantly for those who believe in Him. Oh that we were there!

Within the manger we can see –  good tidings from our God.

In meekness and humility – the angels now applaud.

Sweet Jesus, God’s own Son – in human form we see.

This little child would save the world from all iniquity.



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