We moved to Minneapolis about 43 years ago as my husband took the next step in his advertising career. I was a stay at home mom with three growing children. The bills were mounting up after an uninsured hospital stay revealed that Paul had a hyper-active thyroid which was causing heart attack symptoms.

It was nearing Christmas and we had no money. One night as he was leaving work, he found a package of frozen meat on the hood of his car. He knew that one of his fellow workers had a cattle ranch. The week before Christmas, he received a check from his employer – the only bonus check given out that year. Some would call this circumstance, but we looked at it as God’s miraculous hand in our struggling life.

Christmas is a time of miracles, but I believe they happen every day. This one particular Christmas was just one small example of God’s miraculous hand in all that we do. The fact that we’re given a new day to do his work; that new life is created and delivered every minute; that we are given so many opportunities; that we have the joy of knowing our future has been mapped out by the Creator of the universe – those are all miracles.

Thank you, Lord, for your continuous hand in my life, but most of all thank you for your precious Son, Jesus. Amen!


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  1. Hello, if it is possible can we connect somehow today I have a big meeting in the am and you come to mind


  2. I keep getting it back any chance of a quick phone call ? My cell is 386-675-7202


  3. Sorry, I typed in haste Try again. I’ll be going me most of the day.


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