I recently watched a program on the history channel which appeared to discredit our founding fathers by exposing all the secrets they could possibly dig up.  At first I thought I was watching an episode of TMZ, but this was the history channel.  Has our country become so hungry for dirt that they look for it anywhere they can find it?  It did make me wonder how children will look at the leaders of today in two hundred years.

The fact is, that the founders of the United States of America were not perfect, but what they accomplished was to set a foundation for a government which has endured for over 200 years and opened up opportunities for other nations as well.

We need to restore patriotism in our country, before it becomes just another fact for the history books, which are already being corrupted.  Our nation wasn’t built on just a group of men who met secretly and plotted against their governing country.  It was built on an idea which still opens door for those fleeing oppression.  Our children need to understand that and thank God every day that He has given us a land that permits us to be free.

In God’s His Story book, the Bible, we see hundreds of examples of how He used ordinary, sinful men to accomplish His purpose and to do it in an extraordinary way.  He also sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to carry our imperfection to the cross

Dear God, thank you for the blessing of my country.  Though it consists of imperfect people, you have seen fit to bless it in countless ways.  In a time when patriotism is being questioned, please inspire a love of country in the hearts and minds of future generations.   Amen!


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  1. Yes He does and I am a living proof that He uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.

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  2. I am so glad that God does use ordinary people because it just reminds us that it is about God and not us.

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