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The title of this song centers around a man who has been wrongfully accused, serves a sentence in prison, escapes from his bondage, loses his identity, finds a savior, makes a new life and uses it to serve others.  This lovely story isn’t just about revolution, it’s about redemption.  Sounds kind of like our lives, doesn’t it?

Each of us has been held captive by the guilt of our sin.  The devil often uses this opportunity to manipulate God’s genuine love for us.  He uses our own weaknesses to his advantage.  He makes us think that God doesn’t really care about us – he causes us to doubt – to believe that we can never live up to what is expected of us.  Satan tugs at our faith.  He weakens our defenses.  He makes us feel worthless.

The truth is that even though I continually sin and will until my dying day, God no longer sees the filth within me.  It was erased by Christ when He made the ultimate sacrifice and then rose again to foreshadow what’s in store for me when I die.

Is that the end of the story?  No!  I want everyone to share in this glorious good news.  Remembering Christ’s commission to His disciples, I am confident that I am not alone in this endeavor.  He will walk with me as I make meager attempts at sharing it with others.  He will provide the opportunity, the exact moment and the right words.

Who am I?  I am a redeemed child of the One and only God.  I am guaranteed a place in heaven.  I am a witness to his love for me through His Holy Word.  I am a Christian and I’m proud of it!


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  1. I always pray for us to remember the promise of God’s Holy Spirit eternally with us which is so comforting and sometimes so easy for me to overlook on my walk of faith.

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  2. Wow! Beautiful! Thank you! I needed that today.

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  3. You are welcome. Thanks for reading 😍

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