People have to die…

That, of course, is wrong on every possible level. But, if you woke up Wednesday morning and learned that a “basket of deplorables” just elected a racist, fascist dictator to lead your country, you’d probably be pretty upset about it too.

And that’s where we are in America today.

That’s what happens when our freedom to disagree yet live in peace with those we disagree with is replaced with fear mongering, demagoguery, and hatred.

That’s  what happens when the masses uncritically believe the absurd rhetoric of sanctimonious agenda and money driven overlords and propaganda peddlers who offer no achievements or evidence of their moral or intellectual superiority other than mere assertion of it.

And that’s  what happens when productive and meaningful political discourse is replaced with angry and divisive talking points and non-stop proclamations that “baskets of deplorables” hate half the population and want them to suffer.

Look, I understand that people get upset following an election that didn’t go their way, I’ve been there, a few times, I know it sucks.  But life is not a safe space where any of us are promised freedom from failure, disappointment, and hurt.

So before you pick up a brick, light something on fire, or do some other criminal damage; go home, cool off, and think about how you can rise above rather than add to our nation’s problems. Yes, Donald Trump might be the worst thing that’s ever happened to America but no one wants to hear it from someone with a molotov cocktail in their hand.

As for the church, I cannot think of a better moment for us to stand up and proclaim God’s love and acceptance for all people, regardless of their political views. 


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