I am enjoying this way too much

As a Christian I am not particularly proud of this, but I am really, really, really enjoying Hillary’s loss.

She is objectively awful in every regard and deserved to go down in flames but I shouldn’t, I don’t think, feel so good about it.


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  1. Lol! This election has required a grest deal of repentance. My grace is really challenged by the media insisting everyone is racist and uneducated. So, yep, quite a bit of gloating watching their faces fall as the returns came in.

    I don’t bear any ill will towards Clinton, I’m just grateful the people made their voices heard.

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    • I am grateful people made their voice heard but I don’t have nearly enough grace for Hillary or her supporters.

      Since the election, I have come to think that her loss is punishment enough for her though. She has assumed she would be president some day for more than 20 years and has planned for that “certainty.”

      Now that that is off the table for good, donations to her “charity” will dry up and most of her close supporters (opportunists) will abandon ship.

      Really, I think the world seeing her for what she actually is (an unqualified loser) is her worst fear and now she has to live with it.

      I should note that I am not a huge Trump fan myself but I am hopeful he will do some good.

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      • I’m optimistic about Trump and the path forward, but that is actually going to depend on Christian men leading the way and reflecting Christ. We’re all tired of empty accusations of racism, but the Alt Right and the white nationalists are a real thing in our country. I won’t bore you with links, but there are dozens of these guys praying for chaos and a race war right now and they have hundreds of thousands of followers. I’ve been writing about the red pills for a couple of years now and the threat they pose. They don’t just want to punish Hilary, they want to punish the whole country. There is a power void right now, a vacuum, and they want to fill it. The church tempering the influence of these guys is absolutely critical.

        So, we have a great deal of work to do.

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        • The left has fringe crazies and so do we.

          I travel quite a bit and have seen white nationalists in person so I know they actually exist and always will.

          That being said, I’m certain they will never be big or influential enough to change politics nationally.


          • “I’m certain they will never be big or influential enough to change politics nationally. ”

            Well, they seem to believe they have done just that. It’s on all of us to prove they haven’t.

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            • I think we will prove that.

              This election proved that America is a center right country and extremism on either side won’t fly nationally. I truly believe the next four years will bear that out.

              On Tuesday America flat out rejected Obama’s socialism in favor of an outsider who will take us down the middle of the road.

              Extremists will still exist but they will remain on the fringe.

              I could be wrong, of course, only time will tell.

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  2. Honestly, it’s bitter sweet to me as well. It’s amusing watching the SJWs who helped bring this about melt down and run screaming and crying to their safe spaces.
    I’m a Liberal but I’m tired of the bullying tactics and smug corruption on the Left. I’m tired of their attempt to silence people and their constant attacks on freedom of speech.
    I’m not a fan of Trump but something had to give.

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  3. Don’t feel too bad James you are still a human

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  4. Oh I went ahead and did a pre- repent on that one . TRUMPED!

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