One nation under God, is what our founders said,
But something happened on the way – they now say God is dead.
I know our God lives on. He stands at heaven’s gate.
And He will bring our nation back from greed, and lies and hate.

Under our power alone, we cannot run the race.
He sent His dear Son, Jesus, to die and take our place.
Because He is our God, He’ll never let us stray.
He holds our hands and leads us into His holy way.

When we turn back to God, His arms are open wide.
He doesn’t look at our mistakes, but instead He looks inside.
So let’s get back to basics and remember who we are.
Our God’s not dead. He lives and reigns in hearts both near and far.





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2 replies

  1. Woo hoo! I love that Lion, and that song. Sometimes we are busy celebrating the Lamb and that sweet little babe in a manger, and we forget there is also genuine power there and authority. So it’s good to remember He is also a roaring Lion and a King seated in victory.


    • Thank you for your comment. I’ve always thought of God in terms of a lion – powerful in wisdom and strength. With Him we can do anything. Have a great weekend.


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