What is a team without a leader?  How does a corporation thrive without someone to guide it?  What happens when everyone thinks they know better than the boss or there are too many cooks in the kitchen? Usually the result is chaos.

When Paul spoke to young Christians, he referred to being part of a body – each one having some talent or specific use to assist in the operation of that body – and this can be applied not only to the church itself, but to our lives.

When we lose the use of part of our body it is not only difficult, but we have to compensate for that loss somehow.   God always provides a way for the body to go on.  In the Communion of Saints – the body of Christ – we are all united to serve each other with Christ at the head of all of us.

That shouldn’t make us feel useless, but reassure us that we have the Creator of the universe in control of everything we do.  Not only that, we have each others’ backs when we need help in life.  God doesn’t need our help, but isn’t it cool to know that He gives us jobs to do in and for His kingdom?

We are all important in the operation of the body.  Without us the body of the church will go on, but it will suffer some.  We must be on guard to keep it intact – to nurture each other in faith and love – to serve the head or the brains of the outfit, Jesus, Christ, putting Him first in all that we do.

What a privilege and honor to be part of the body of Christ.


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