The Christian church is under attack, just as it always has been. The Word of God is being challenged daily and rewritten for man’s advantage. When God inspired His human scribes to pen the words He wanted them to know, He promised that they are His words – not those of sinful men.

The words are hard to swallow sometimes. They might even seem old fashioned and foolish to some, but they are the divine utterances of our holy, living God. Today the Bible is assumed to be just another book with some ideas for good living; some perceptions by a group of narrow minded folks who have nothing else to boast about. Isn’t it funny how the Bible remains a best seller?

There must be a need for reading what it has to say. Over time and with the help of the devil and his legions of followers, the Word has been corrupted as much as the church. It’s time to defend it once more. We need to make sure it remains the same today as it was when it was first placed in man’s hands. We must use the entire book, not just bits and pieces of it. If we don’t, we don’t get the whole message. God is very clear in what He has to say to us. Let us arm ourselves with the truth He has given us. This is a battle we can win.

“The Word they still shall let remain, nor any thanks have for it; He’s by our side upon the plain with His good gifts and Spirit. And take they our life, goods, fame, child and wife,
Let these all be gone, they yet have nothing won; the Kingdom our remaineth.” Martin Luther


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  1. Amen. Back to Gods Word!!

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