When I look back at my childhood, I can see a lot of similarities which young people face today. I was concerned about my outward appearance. I never thought I was pretty enough, smart enough or perfect enough. I was unsure about my future. I went to church every week, but because of a family issue, I felt it was a hypocritical act.

I was teased for being a chubby kid. I thought God was a fierce judge that had already decided I was going to hell. I would easily get depressed over small things and big things. I was exposed to a new form of media that would explode into what it is today – television.

I spent every Saturday at the movies and looked at that world as a means of escape from problems I was having at home. Financial necessity forced my mother to take a job and I was often left to my own devices when I arrived home from school. Our country was involved wars that required weekly air raid drills.

The problems kids face today may seem more difficult, but the truth is, growing up isn’t easy in any era. The way we teach our children how to muddle through those years is critical. We need to continue to let them know that they are important to us as well as to the God who created them. We need to remind them that God has a purpose for their lives. We need to love them and let them know it.

Bullying is not new, but the way kids are bullied today is. Giving them tools to handle it is crucial. We need to pray for our children every day.


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  1. Nothing new under the sun…thanks for this post.

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