What if you died today but didn’t stay that way?

Kind of an open thread type post, I guess…

We talked about this in a small group a few days ago and I was curious to know what readers think.

Without getting into a big theological debate or a deep discussion about stories of people who claim to have died, spent a brief period of time in the hereafter, then come back to life…

If you could die and spend a few minutes in Heaven or a few minutes in Hell, which would you chose? And how would it, do you think, affect you?


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  1. Of course I would rather spend the few minutes in Heaven than in hell. To be honest, given a choice I wouldn’t want to come back here anymore.

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    • I tend to agree with you Victor. However, spending a few minutes in Hell might not be bad if it changes their eternal perspective.

      As a rule I don’t like doom and gloom evangelism but, maybe, a dose of the reality of Hell might inspire believers to want to keep as many people out as possible.

      Interesting topic, I thought with no wrong answer.

      Thanks for weighing in.


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  2. Well, I would want to visit both places, not because I love to be in hell but so I can experience what goes on there and heaven(heaven is where I want to spend eternity)
    So when I come back to earth I will speak concerning what I’ve seen to draw more souls to Christ.

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  3. What a question!

    VictorsCorner makes a great point. Heaven, but they would have to drag me back here. Imagine how poor Lazarus felt.

    Papberry makes a great point too. Maybe if we really understood the reality around hell, we would get more serious about things here in this life.

    Though provoking James.

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  4. Interesting dilemma. Two good answers.so far.

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  5. That’s an impossible question 🙂

    Hell really draws you closer to Christ, to your desperate need for protection, to complete and total surrender. There is nothing standing between us and darkness but Christ and becoming aware of that is a priceless gift. The problem with heaven is leaving His presence, the ache and longing of wanting to be with Him, to be where you belong.

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  6. Wow…what a challenging question. I would pick heaven…but something tells me when I experience hell for a little bit, it would forever change my whole outlook in a personal lasting way in how I evangelize…


  7. Without really thinking about it, my instinctual answer is that I would rather spend a couple minutes in hell. Quite frankly, I like to fantasize about heaven. I believe that’s my final destination, and I trust Jesus to get me there. If I saw hell, I’d have a fuller picture of the spiritual side of things, and I’d ideally be more able to talk about why faith is important, etc. I’m not saying scaring people is a good way to evangelize. I think it would be for my benefit as much as anyone else’s.

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  8. James, I have been at death’s door you read about it on my blog. They did start my restart my heart on the road that day, three times. I knew if I had died that hell awaited me. But before that I was in a place to await judgement, for some reason God chose Grace that day and many to come as for me I choose Heaven. Thank- you and God Bless.

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  9. You can’t kill a believer, you can only change his address. Looking forward to the mansion.

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