A special note to all this blog’s trolls

This reboot is dedicated to the juvenile idiots who, although they have been unapologetically banned from this blog, continue to read, comment, link to, and write about me, this blog, and this blog’s readers in other forums.


Trolls are narcissists and sadists. They crave attention, regardless if it’s positive or negative, and they enjoy causing others distress.

So, how should we respond to people who follow Dr. Dawkins’ advice to mock and ridicule Christians with contempt and in public?

• One reaction is to try to reason with the mockers and ridiculers.

• Another would be to mock and ridicule back.

• A third might be to invite them to, as we say here in the south, “take it outside.”

The problem with all these responses is that people who deliberately and with malice of forethought single out a group of people for public mockery and ridicule have, by their actions, placed themselves beyond the pale of civil society.

Their behavior is reprehensible. So long as they continue to engage in it, they do not deserve the courtesy of either replies or engagement of any sort. This is why I unceremoniously ban them.

If you have been banned from this blog you are, essentially, dead to me.

This means I won’t ever approve your comments or pingbacks, read your blog, engage with you on other blogs, or spend one second of my time caring about what you think of me or what I write.

If this is about you, grow the hell up and find something useful to do with your time. Despite what you may think, I don’t find you clever, intimidating, or threatening in the least.

Instead I find you sad, pathetic, embarrassing, not all that bright, and generally beneath contempt.

(h/t Public Catholic)


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  1. A fourth response would be to ignore them and pray for them.

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  2. You are always welcome to come over to my blog and watch the trolls sputter and fume. Several of my regular readers are unaffected by the vitriolic spew and do not hesitate to return fire.

    The trolls tossed your name around a few times which should be encouraging!

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    • I am not surprised they still mention me, I had plenty of interaction with them until I just started ignoring which, of course, they see as a win for them and their intelligent take downs of Christianity.

      It was fun for a while but when I realized there was no fertile soil there, I brushed the dust off my feet and moved on.

      I actually love engaging with non-believers as long as they are intellectually honest but that isn’t the case with KIA and his pals. They are scoffers and haters who are only seeking attention and not worth my time.

      Good luck to you with them, someone has to challenge them I guess.

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  3. Kind of miss having you around, though, James

    I’m glad John Branyan came by, I recent discovered his blog, and it’s really great. Sort of a Christian atheist free for all. I read it a lot and actually say something now and then, but rarely much, as I don’t say much anywhere lately. You should go check his place out though; it’s very different.


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