Posted on atimetoshare.me 10/05/14

There are times when we all need encouragement – even those who are the encouragers. Our pastors, teachers, employers, employees, leaders, friends, parents, husbands and wives spend a great deal of energy and a piece of their strength lifting up those they love and care about. They can become sapped physically, mentally and spiritually through the process. Their lives can become entwined with finding the right words – engaging the other with positive thoughts – lifting them up even when they feel saddened by their own problems.

None of us is perfect. We are all marred with scars from our past. How can imperfect people gain the stamina to uphold others through their suffering?

Our world has many solutions for us. We can try to free our minds with meditation, yoga or tranquilizers. We can take up a hobby that keeps our mind occupied with other things. We might talk to a psychiatrist or counselor. We can pat ourselves on the back and say what a great person we are for sacrificing our time and energy – or we can turn to the only manual for living that contains an answer for every situation – the Word of God.

God tells us to come to Him when our hearts are troubled. He wants us to rely on Him for comfort, peace and encouragement. He fills our every need. His Word discloses this fact throughout the Old and New Testaments. His love for us endures forever, so we can be confident that He will never forsake us – even when our hearts are hurting for others.

If you have been encouraged by someone today, thank them and pray for them too. We all need God’s comforting arms wrapped around us – even those whose hearts are overflowing with encouragement.


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  1. Well said! Our words should ALWAYS encourage, inspire and delight! Thank you for a great post!

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