ORIGINALLY POSTED ON ATIMETOSHARE.ME 10/1/When Martin Luther stood up to the Catholic Church, his radical ideas were resisted by many as heresy. The Christian church had been corrupted, and many alterations to Scripture were made to fit the desires and needs of society and the church itself.

The Protestant Reformation was the perfect time in history for the Bible to be reintroduced to the people. The printing press had been invented. People were growing tired of spending their hard earned money buying their way into heaven, and the Renaissance was well under way.

Today another reformation is going on. The religion of Islam is trying to return to its roots through radicalism. If you become aware of what this religion is based on, you will soon see that it is anything but a peaceful, tolerant religion. Understanding this will help us understand why ISIS or ISIL most certainly is Islamic. Most of the teachings of the Quran speak of violence towards anyone who does not believe the teachings of Allah. They are vehement in their defense of their religion and willing to die for it. They are also willing to kill for it in hideous, heinous ways. The spread of Islam may seem to be overtaking the Middle East, but it is also moving into our own country.

There is a purpose to the events that are occurring in the world today. God has a plan for all of it. He was the one responsible for the timing of the Protestant Reformation. He is also in control of this upheaval within the Islamic Reformation.

We must become informed as to what is being taught in our schools – how the politics of this religion are mingling into our national fiber and taking away many of our constitutional rights – how our own leaders, in an attempt to be tolerant, are allowing themselves to be swayed – how our country as a whole is so focused on political correctness that they’ve forgotten what is really correct.

Lord, you control the universe. You placed the planets, the sun, moon and stars in the sky to light the darkest places. You have placed your Word into our lives not only as a guide, but as your truth. May we constantly reform by repenting of our evil ways and know that even in the most evil of times, you are the light of the world.


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