Please stop about the election already, I’ve had enough 

As a recovering political junkie who used to write for a political blog, watch cable news as often as I could, skim a dozen or so political websites before I had my first cup of coffee, and someone who would never shy away from a heated political discussion, I think I have done a remarkable job just casually observing this presidential campaign season from the sidelines. 

Sure, generally speaking anyway, I know what’s going on but that’s about it and that’s all I need to know.

Anyway, and I’m being as charitable as I can be here, Donald Trump is a rough around the edges loud mouth who is about as unpresidential as a person can be and Hillary Clinton is a compulsive liar and probably a criminal with no significant accomplishments that make her qualified to be the next leader of the free world. And, sadly, that seems to be all there is. If you don’t believe me, skim the headlines and find five articles that don’t sidestep substantive policy issues or political matters only to harp endlessly about one or all of the aforementioned points. 

Yes, the candidates suck, this isn’t lost on anyone but the hopelessly deluded. 

I could go on, I guess, but what I really wanted to weigh in on is how frustrating it is to see people climb on their morally superior soapboxes to drone on and on about how they are going to do the right thing for America and not vote for either because, for whatever reason, both candidates are just too freaking distasteful.

“I am tired of the two party system forcing crapy candidates down our throats so I am going to teach the establishment a lesson and stay home.”

Good for you. How’d that work out in the last two elections?

But what irks me even more than amature pundits ranting about their particular political pet peve are all the Christians who are quick to renounce the candidates because they are sinful, godless, and amoral. “No way I, in good faith, could endorse either of these heathens with my vote of approval, Jesus would not be happy.”

Sure, He might not but we have two choices and one of those choices is going to win, despite your faith based protest. That’s the math, that’s the reality. 

Besides, all of your blustering and bloviating and virtue signaling are little more than empty and meaningless hypocritical noise anyway.

Seriously? Do you expect anyone to believe holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils is the one unpardonable sin that will damn you for eternity or cause you to get shunned by the pearl clutching flock?  Do you expect anyone to believe you are a good and noble Christian because you publicly oppose two objectively awful presidential candidates almost everyone can’t tolerate on a blog three people read or Facebook? With whom are you trying to score points with this brave and courageous stand?

You’ll occasionally lie, gossip, withold God’s ten percent, lust, get drunk, covet, boast, hate a brother or sister in Christ, lash out in anger, speak death more often than life, lack faith that God is in control, be motivated by greed, walk past the needy with neither a prayer or a care, skip church…but you will draw a line it would be unthinkable to cross in front of a voting booth?  Come on.

Examine yourselves people, that’s all I’m saying.

And maybe pray more and comment on politics less. God is in control, the next President has been chosen already, there is nothing we can do about it anyway.


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  1. Terribly depressing, isn’t it? Or at least convicting. Like it pr not, these two candidates represent what lurks in the heart of this nation. We can’t separate ourselves from that truth, declare our hands to be clean now by refusing to participate. We created these two, we got exactly what we asked for, the collective we that is. I suggest repentance, as a nation, as a whole, regardless of what happens because just looking at who we, or perhaps even God chose to represent us really should give us all pause. I would laugh at the comedic justice of it all if I weren’t so busy wailing and lamenting.

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  2. Political campaigns are ruthless. I think they have been for most of the years we have been a country. What distresses me is the insults being slung at a personal level. It isn’t enough to say your candidate stinks, everyone who supports your candidate stinks. (Stinks is my way of substituting for the truly vile descriptions) We can’t control what the political candidates and their teams say, but we can control what we say. I am not fond of either candidate, but it is a privilege to vote and I am trusting that God will be able to use whomever wins for His purpose.


  3. Strong words you’ve put forth here, but well said!

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  4. I am not actually depressed, but invigorated. There is spiritual warfare at work. No virtue signalling here — as no one is good but God. We are all either common sinners (saved or unsaved) — or are wicked (those who WANT to do evil). There are no perfect people — God wants imperfect people to *do the right thing* though. Jesus’ way was an evangelical way, a living way, telling us to sin no more. I reject the doctrine of the Pharisees — who coincidentally reject Christ and are NOT saved. Matthew 23:13 It is God who chooses; and God who reads the heart of man, it is God who anoints. God will do what he wills, and to Him will be the glory.

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  5. James…I am so with you on this. If Christians spent this much time and energy on the kingdom of God as they are in the election, we would be in a very different place. The punditing, posturing, pleading, pushing and pulling has become an idol, and it needs dropped like a hot potato.

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  6. Personally, I’d likely vote Jill Stein. Her platform looks solid.


  7. I haven’t actually decided where I am going with this, James, in terms of vote. I will say that, not only are Christians wasting a lot of time, but some folks are tying a particular vote with people’s faith..i.e vote for such and such or your status as a real Christian is questionable.

    Awesome post, and I enjoyed the rant

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    • Tying someone’s faith to their vote is a terrible idea Wally, yet I see it all the time.

      For the most part I agree with Dan. If people spent the amount of time they spent on politics on kingdom work, the world would be a much different place.

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      • Indeed so. I think the problem is we use that as a way to escape personal responsibility. Let’s blame the unGodly leaders! If we only had Godly leaders all of our problems would go away! Well, no, it doesn’t work that way. We effect change from the bottom up, not the top down.


  8. The next president has already been chosen? I understand from a Reformed POV that would be the predestined and god ordained thing. Why vote then at all? ( just like the question of why pray )
    But I agree. It’s just who I think has done the choosing for us that differs. Either way, it’s a rigged game, has been for decades


  9. Good post James and I can relate to unplugging from the political nonsense as I’ve done the same this year. Not as much as you, as I still check my morning opinion news (with a cup of coffee in hand) and will post here and there on the election, but from much more of a distance than usual. I see friends rants on Facebook and they just seem so silly and pointless to me, all the more so because that used to be me. And really, whoever actually changed their mind about a contentious issue because of a snarky FB post?

    At the moment I am one of those not voting for either candidate. I don’t preach to others what to do, nor pretend my choice is morally superior to anyone else’s but as of now I believe it to be the right course of action for me. Things are fluid though, ya just never know.

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    • Hey Tricia,

      I still check a few things here and there too but, instead of shooting back or becoming emotionally invested, I mostly just move on.

      The more I think about it the more I think the “debate” we see these days isn’t intended to change minds anyway but to divide.

      Sure, there is some good and insightful stuff out there than can cause someone to think and possibly change their minds but most of it just stirs up anger and further divides the two sides.

      As far as not voting at all goes, I have always hated the idea (I sincerely believe that’s what cost Romney the election) but this time I see it differently.

      Of the two real choices, there isn’t a good one so I can see why people want to opt out.

      I have actually thought long and hard about opting out myself but have decided on casting my vote for the lesser of two evils.

      Not a very big fan of Trump but at least there is a chance he will do some good for the country. Even playing devil’s advocate and giving Hillary as much benefit of the doubt as I can, I can’t say the same thing about her. Her presidency will be absolutely terrible in its entirety.

      All that being said, God is in control so I gave all of my worry over to Him.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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