The 23rd Psalm has served our family well.  It was used at the funerals of both of our parents.  It was the sermon theme for our wedding.  We used it again as each of our children were baptized.  It fit every one of those occasions and continues to bless us as we continue our journey through life.

Shepherding isn’t considered a noble profession, but our Lord and King Jesus didn’t come to this earth to rule as a nobleman.  He came in the deepest of humility – born in a place where animals lay their heads.  He grew in the knowledge of His Father through His time in the temple.  He had no real place to call home as He led a nomadic lifestyle in His young adult life.  He ministered to those who needed Him the most – sinners, the sick and the broken in spirit.  He hung on a cross like a common criminal – to pay for the iniquity of all humanity.  He was the final sacrificial lamb who gave His life for all of His sheep – even those who strayed from Him.

When you read the words of this familiar Psalm, you will understand how this imagery lays the ground work for what Jesus continues to do in our lives every day.  He provides for all our physical needs – He leads us out of danger into a quiet place where we will always be under His protection – Even when we face fear, sickness and death, He uses His rod to fend off the fear that comes along with those things.  When it gets so tough that we can’t handle it anymore, He carries us to safety.  When we run away from Him, He will spend hours, days, years if necessary to find us again.  We have peace in knowing that He is always there for us and a confidence that He has a wonderful place waiting for us in eternity.

The Lord is my shepherd – I shall not want!


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