1 Corinthians 16:13 “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. “

In ancient days, gladiators were men of great courage.  They risked their lives every week in the Colosseum as the fought valiantly against raging lions or other men who were equally as strong.

Our modern day gladiators are not much different than those of ancient Rome in that they are putting their bodies on the line for a short lived moment of glory.  Somehow, these men are often put on pedestals and paid enormous salaries along with being given a ticket to get out of jail free.  We often idolize these so called heroes and they in turn think they no longer have to be responsible for their actions.

The Apostle, Paul, in the above verse, encourages us to be strong – but more than just physically strong.  We are told to be gladiators of the faith – to defend what we believe.

Our strength doesn’t come from things of this world.  Sure, we can go to the gym several times a week and build strong bodies – we can endure a special diet which will promote muscle growth – we can even use our minds to overcome the pain that comes along with hard work – but the strength that builds true heroes comes from God.  He is the one that pumps us up with the diet of His Holy Word.  He feeds us with the meat of what’s needed for true strength.

He also gave us a hero who is above reproach.  Jesus is perfect in every way – without sin.  He took our place on the battlefield and defeated our greatest enemy – the devil.  It’s time to put our focus back on Him.  With Him we can do anything!


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