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We have spent the last six months going through the process of selling, listing and marketing our home.  We will close on this sale in October.  In the meantime, we’ve been searching for another home that will allow us to downsize our monthly expenses so that we don’t have to work as hard.  When you’re 74 that seems important.

Both my husband and I are artists.  He is an amazing painter and sculptor, spending most of his career in the fast paced advertising business.  When that fell apart, he began to pursue fine art.  He would scrounge for wood and created beautiful works of art and has spent hours working outdoors painting.

Prior to this time of re-inventing, I’d spent 13 years as a volunteer at the high school my kids attended, developing a theater program.  It was a learning experience for them as well as myself, causing me to return to college and take more theater courses.  This skill turned into a career for me and I was able to help in the rebuilding process.

We’ve always trusted in God’s plan for our lives and have been shown in miraculous ways that He is there for us.  Now we’re faced with some difficult decisions.  We’ve found a house that we both love.  It’s about the same size as the one we just sold.  Its design would allow us to conduct an arts business from the lower level and still have plenty of room to live and enjoy life.  The house is dated and needs lots of upgrading, but it is sufficient for the time being.  It would also be a good investment, because we’d be getting it for a very good price.  The downside, I guess is the maintenance of the place and will we be able to handle it.

I ask my blogging friends to pray for discernment in this matter.  I know that no matter what we do, God has everything under control and it will all work to His glory.  We’ll need to make a decision soon to make things run smoothly.  I believe in the power of corporate prayer, so I humbly ask for help in this matter.

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  1. I believe if it is right for you it will work. I also believe if you and your husband just lift it up and surrender it, asking God to slam that door if it will cause you further problems, He will. Psalm 37:4 is the verse I have always leaned on in times like these. Its time to press in to Him, and take the eyes off the house. Its hard I know my flesh goes but we want the desires of His heart not ours. I will pray for y’all..

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