With almost 10% of the work force unemployed in our country, Labor Day is just another day off for many.  We are a nation founded on hard work.  Most of us enjoy working hard and gain great satisfaction from the jobs we do.  Some of us even have to work on Labor Day if we are in the retail business.

Labor was instituted by God when He placed man in the Garden of Eden.  He gave Adam charge over all the animals and plants and gave him the job of caring for them.  It wasn’t until mankind succumbed to Satan’s lies that work became difficult and sweat producing.

Work is a good thing.  It’s especially good when you’ve gone many months without a paycheck.

As we enjoy this Labor Day let us thank God for giving us the ability to work – for providing jobs that will help others – for keeping us healthy enough to continue doing the work we need to do to survive- for looking after us, even when we don’t have a job – for giving us fulfillment in the work we do – and for giving us the most amazing commission ever … spreading the good news of His great love for us.



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  1. Ha…for some of us it is just another day of labor!, But thank God I actually have a job!

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