We watched the old movie, “City Slickers” the other night and it still cracks me up every time Jack Palance sings, “Tumbling Tumbleweed.”  There are so many funny lines in that movie, but good old Jack had some good advice for the struggling “almost” 40 something Billy Crystal.  He said that there was really only one thing important in life and that it was up to Billy to figure it out.  Of course the heavy smoking, Curly, never let Mitch know what that one thing was.

What’s important in your life?  Maybe it’s your job, your house, your car, your spouse.  I guess there’s more than one way to look at that answer, but it applies in all areas of our lives.  The one thing that is needful isn’t anything that comes from this planet – it’s the One who made this planet.

When we get wrapped up in the noisiness of living, we fail to reach out to the One who has promised us everlasting life, without pain or tears.  He has already reserved a  place in Heaven for us.  If He’s already done, think of what He has in store for us on this side of eternity – if we let Him.

He can move mountains, turn water into wine, part the seas, provide for our earthly needs, give us courage, lift us when we falter.  How cool to know that the King of Creation is in charge of our daily lives.  He is the One thing – the Only thing. All you need to do is ask.



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