Originally posted 8/27/14 by Kathy Boecher at atimetoshare.me

Walls are intended to keep something enclosed and safe.  They can also be used as a barricade against an enemy.  The muscles of the abdominal wall are designed to protect our internal organs. Walls separate one room from another creating privacy or another living space.

In ancient times walls were built to determine boundaries- to set up a defense against the enemy – to keep the bad guys out and the good ones in.  We still have boundaries, but most of the time they are just lines on a map.

We build walls around ourselves to keep things out, but in so doing we are also limiting ourselves.  There is safety in being walled in, but some of our freedom is being eaten away when we build them so that no one can get in and we aren’t able to get out.

God places His protection around us each day – like an invisible barrier against evil.  He also allows the walls to be broken down from time to time.  He gives us the ability to think for ourselves – He endows us with the capacity to make the right choices – He gives us a free will – He doesn’t hold us back when it comes to sharing His love with others.

Our sure defense is our heavenly Father, but He doesn’t want us to hide behind a wall.  He wants us to be brave and courageous when it comes to talking about what He has done for us.

Let’s break down the walls of selfishness – abuse – ignorance – fear – loneliness – hate – sadness, and all the other negatives – always knowing that God will be with us in the battle.  Turn those walls into a path instead.  Open the door and spread the love.



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  1. Well, we are never suppose to be defenseless. We should always be wearing the armor of God.


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