Super heroes are all around us. There’s Batman. who happens to be my grandson in disguise. There’s Iron Man, Super Man and on and on. Each of us tries to succeed in life and wants to do amazing things, but there is only one true super hero. He doesn’t wear a cape or a mask. You’d never know He had powers beyond human comprehension. He was an ordinary man like you and me and yet he wasn’t the least bit ordinary. He lived a life of serving others, healing the sick, restoring life and finally giving his own life for the salvation of a sin filled world.

Jesus’ bruised body hung on the cross. His pierced hands and feet were torn by the nails driven into them. He bled from His horrific wounds. His accusers spat on him and mocked him. He died.  What kind of hero is that?  Well, after he lay in the grave for three days he proved He was the true Messiah, by coming back to life in a perfect and glorified body.

Our deeds can’t compare to this extraordinary super hero, but we can show him honor by following His example loving one  another; giving of ourselves rather than wanting everything for ourselves; helping those in need; telling others about the love of God and so much more.

Lord, what I do in this life time not going to earn me a special place in heaven. You alone made it possible for me to see you face to face someday. Thank you for being my super hero and showing me by your example how to live my life on this planet.  I long for the day when I will actually meet you face to face.


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