For A Single Purpose 10- Fasting and Community (Esther)

Hello people,

This is the second to the last of my post of For the Single Purpose series. Today we are going to focus on Esther, which can be found in the book of Esther in the Old Testament.

Above entitled Esther I (2013). Oil pastels on paper. For A single Purpose series  2.

Thru His vessel JB.

Esther, was a child who was raised by her cousin, Mordecai and grew up to be a fine young woman. Through much preparation, she was selected to be the Queen of Persia from hundreds of participants. However, her Hebrew/Jewish heritage was kept under wraps until a due time and being respectful of the King and other people, who may have hated her because of her heritage. This was not for long, because when an enemy decided to avenge a plan to get rid of the Jews, Esther spoke up and fasted for her people and brought it to the attention of the King. As a result, the enemy, instead was executed and the Jews avoided such a grisly decision.

As a single, we tend to have a lot more time to ourselves, that’s if you do not have any children or spouse. When it comes to making big decisions, it is important we start to practice not just prayer time but fasting as well. When you fast, it’s not only staying away from food, but being able to have clarity about the decision, which can have a pivotal impact.  When I as a single, need to make a decision or rather a change, I fast and throughout this time, I ask for clarity. In the case  of Esther, it helped her clear her mind and get rid of any possible distractions in order for her to talk to the King in a matter that not only respected him, but help him to understand Esther’s viewpoint.




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