VIEW OUTSIDE MY WINDOW – Notice the red leaves on the maple and one or two fallen on the ground.

Yesterday, I was stunned to see the change of colors. It seems like summer just started and already the leaves are turning brown, red and gold. I guess we are like those colors in a way.

As life goes on, days seem like minutes and pass too quickly. The softness of our skin has turned to leather and bodies that used to be able to run or walk great distances now find it difficult to get in and out of the car. I used to look forward to fall, but now it’s kind of a reminder of the winter months to come. I used to stay up well into the early morning hours. Now I’m lucky if I make it to 8:30.

Unfortunately, bodies age, sag and wither – part of the effects of sin (thanks a lot Adam and Eve!) Praise God that He has given us victory even over the aging process. Each day here on earth allows me to look forward to the eternal springtime in heaven.

Some days I just can’t wait.



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  1. A thought that comforts me in autumn – the falling of the leaves reveals the true strength and beauty of the tree.


  2. Oh absolutely amen! What joy awaits us!

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