Why do I ban commenters on this blog?

Mostly because of what seems to be a shared mentality among many of this blog’s detractors.

So should atheists and other skeptics aggressively troll Christian websites, dropping “bombs” of profanity and vicious hate speech?  No.  However, I do strongly encourage atheists and other skeptics to actively and aggressively debate Christians on their websites and blogs, unless the Christian has posted a “Non-Conservative/orthodox Christian comments not welcome” sign at the top of his or her homepage.

I encourage every atheist, agnostic, deist and other skeptic of the fundamentalist “inerrant” Christian holy play book to make it your duty to seek out the blogs of these discrimination-peddling bigots and aggressively challenge them. No need for hate speech or f-word laced profanities. Let’s keep it civil.  Just repeatedly and forcefully point out their baseless superstitious nonsense and the horrific damage it causes on societies around the world. 

If the entire skeptic world would do this, the veneer of respectability will quickly disappear from these Shamans of Superstition and their true character and identity will be visible for all to see.

Please, keep it civil so you don’t offend the discrimination-peddling bigots and Shamans of Superstition. There is no need for name calling from those of us who occupy the intellectual and moral high ground.

Anyway. Evangelical non-believers should make it their duty to aggressively challenge Christians online until they publicly declare that they have no interest in debate wasting time with scoffers or, better yet, shut up?

You see; you are so dense you don’t seem to possess the ability to comprehend.

Or you simply chose to be willfully ignorant.

Which is it James?

Imagine I am typing in crayon; just for you.

I do not care what you as an adult believe about god, Jesus the bible, hell sin or any of this shit.

Really. I am happy for you if this is what you need to live a long a fulfilling life. I mean it. And who could honestly wish for more?

Just keep it to your fucking self or make your blog private.



Super indeed.

I have been interacting with people online long enough to know within three or so comments if someone has honest questions about faith or if they simply want to aggressively challenge my faith annoy me or get me to shut up.

Going forward, if I believe you are here only to “forcefully point out my baseless superstitious nonsense” or to silence me, you will be unceremoniously banned, without apology.

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.

– Proverbs 26:4

Exit question: If the Christian blogging world completely ignored childish scoffers. Would evangelical atheists, agnostics, recovering know it alls and other hyper-skeptics of the “fundamentalist inerrant Christian holy play book” find something more useful to do with their time?

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  1. You DO read me… I’m so touched…


  2. Engagement is to be expected in the blogging world, as in the day to day reality of life. Our response to it as Christians will speak volumes….

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  3. I have always had my comments banned from this site and I have never used any foul words. I guess it does not matter what an atheist view is if it does not agree with your religious doctrine it is banned. What use is a public blog if you cannot handle a debate? Actually I think the answer is obvious.


    • Your comments aren’t banned here Steve, in fact, you’ve commented quite a few times in the last few days alone.


      • Not by you James, sorry about that, for some reason I thought this was atimetoshare.me blog where I have commented on articles a few times and they were automatically banned. I apologise again.


        • Steve, allow me to interject if I may, since you are determined to impugn a reputation, if only you can find one to impugn. On that blog you mentioned, Atimetoshare. You are not automatically banned, your word choice sets a tone for conversation right from the start that says Christians are doing something wrong.
          Some people do not have comments set to automatically appear. That is NOT banning. Some people do that because they have an audience whom they wish to protect from profanity and other garbage, so comments go initially to moderation.
          On this blog there are several people who write and we can each release our own comments, or choose not to. But, we can all see what is held up on the blog even from another.
          I actually recall you commenting on Atimetoshare and you were not alone. Several of your friends were commenting at the same time, and one our two were not being nice. Maybe you should pick better company. I don’t blame her for locking the bunch of you away, as she certainly doesn’t want her blog filled with insults and profanities. Your A team types seem to think free speech means you can say anything, at anytime, to any person, and that is simply not true.
          Now, before you mischaracterize the actions of another, you might consider if your own actions, or the actions of those you are associated with might cause things to happen.
          And next time you have a issue with a blogger? Be a big boy and take it to them.

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          • Wally you have always found profanities and insults in anything that is written by atheists’ when most of the time they are just straight out criticism of your beliefs. I have noticed that you can become over emotional about comments that you do not agree with and take it personally, or if you do not want a rational dialog you invent and misinterpret what the author has written.

            You and atimetoshare.me appear to only to enjoy the accolades from fellow believers each time you blog about your faith and others are not welcome. Therefore, I ask why do you not just have a private Facebook page or similar kind of forum where criticism from uninvited unbelievers is not allowed?

            It appears your audience is being subject to protection whether they want it or not and this suggests you and atimetoshare.me do not think your readers are mature enough or have a strong enough faith to deal with contradictions, issues or words that may disagree with the faith. Sure I agree if the four letter words are used in an insulting manner directed at someone you have the option of removing the comments. If people are offended by honest criticism they do not have to read it.

            I do not know what comment you are talking about however you appear to blame me for associating with other bloggers and for what they wrote. For your information we do not gather together in a small backwater town, skull pints of beer in a dully lit smoke filled bar and plot an attack on your blog so you can come down from your pedestal.

            It is simple, if you get all upset over someone criticising your religion and belief just do not broadcast what you believe to the world.

            I am a “big boy” and I have taken my issues to the blogger however they are never published.


            • “It is simple, if you get all upset over someone criticising your religion and belief just do not broadcast what you believe to the world.”

              Well, that pretty much captures the essence of your objective, doesn’t it?

              “For your information we do not gather together in a small backwater town, skull pints of beer in a dully lit smoke filled bar and plot an attack on your blog ”

              Steve, if you deny that militant atheists actually plan how they hope to drive Christian bloggers out of business, then either you lie, you are clueless, or they don’t like you hanging around either and don’t tell you their plans. You don’t see the backslapping when they manage to shut one up? “Go link the hell out of them” “Flood then with links.” All these things are commonly said.

              “I am a “big boy” and I have taken my issues to the blogger however they are never published.”

              No, Steve what you did is get your comments buried up with those of some truly heinous people, hurling things I hope and pray none of you would ever say to your own mothers.

              And Steve, I am not upset at you, as you are hardly worth the time. In fact, if you visit my place, your comments will be allowed, but not responded to.

              But, when you start saying things about a friend, that are simply not true, you will be called on it.

              So, let us recap. You accused another blogger of banning you.

              That was a lie..easy see?


  4. I do not have a set objective Wally; I do like to read the religious perspectives of your band of brothers and sisters. I guess neither of us will ever agree with the other, however I do get the feeling you and your band do like to proselytize on line to the world but feel threatened and become over emotional to atheist questions and comments.

    Your web site along with others has provided much for me to ponder and I have gained more insight about your brand of Christian world views and why we are poles apart. For example, the huge and ever widening gap between science and religion that was not an issue 200 years ago when theists made up a large portion of scientists. Of course now that science has made significant advancements from Biblical times scientific knowledge the theists have declined and the theist scientists are by far the minority as you would know, and yet you and your band are determined to still faithfully dig your toes in.

    However, to get back to the issue at hand. I seem to have my comments caught up with heinous people and we are all blanket banned. This does not appear to make any sense or logic to me, however that is something I know you make a habit of. Regardless, your emotions take over and state I am a waste of time and you will not allow my comments to be responded to and you have decided to wrongly accuse me of being a liar. Therefore, I may as well not comment at all. Yahoo, High fives for you Christian guys, you will be due many endearments Wally and it was nothing less than a Christian act I must say.


    • “you will not allow my comments to be responded to and you have decided to wrongly accuse me of being a liar.”

      Um..Steve? Right there, my friend, is exactly the problem. In fact, a statement just like that is what started this entire conversation. One of your problems is, you don’t actually do a very good job of reading the things that are said to you, as all you can think of what you have already planned to say.

      Understand this: I have NEVER blocked, banned, moderated, or edited you. Period. Your accusation is false. Period. Can I be much more clear than that? Whether you keep making the accusation because you lie, don’t read very well, or just don’t get how this all works…..I will let you decide. If you are not intentionally lying then I sincerely apologize. Regardless, your accusation is untrue, and the fact that you keep on, and keep on, and keep on making it doesn’t do much for your position.

      I shall repeat: I have NEVER blocked, banned, moderated, or edited you.


      • Maybe you have not Wally but it was on articles that atimetoshare.me had written on her site that I was originally on about. You have responded before saying my comments have been banned when they were caught up with heinous people (your words) and were removed. Even if you think I am a compulsive sinner, why would I make up a lie about such a trivial issue?


        • I have no idea if you are a compulsive sinner Steve, as unlike you I won’t draw any conclusions about your character that I cannot personally observe.

          The botton line is you statement concerning me banning was untrue. Now you backpedal, and say…welllllllllllll maybe not you..buttttttttttttt

          Yes, I said heinous people. Some of the things that were said at about the same time you commented on that blog were things that no human should say to another.

          I won’t argue with you about this as I state fact.

          You and your friends are bullies. You are probably not one yourself Steve, but maybe you need to pick better company.

          I don’t stand by and watch my friends get bullied. Get over it. Again, pick better company.

          Why would you lie about such a thing? Beats me. But it is an absolute fact that you accused atimetoshare of banning you. That is untrue. You accused me of deleting your comments. Likewise untrue.

          I rest my case and have no time left over to watch you backpedal about your conduct.

          Peace Steve

          Sorry to clog up your blog with this James, but I can’t abide people falsely accusing my friends.


          • I never wrote any statement saying that you banned me, I did mean to accuse atimetoshare of banning my comments because they had been sent to her pages just as I said, but inadvertently I did not realise my response was on James’s page.

            Your reaction is suspicious because you very quickly turned this conversation around to make it appear that you were the poor victim of the nasty accusing atheist so you look like the good guy here. You have so much righteousness that you feel justified to judge and call people names such as bullies and myself a liar.

            You are the one who needs to get over it.

            Peace and calm Wally, have you tried meditation?


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