It’s hard to explain sin to a child and maybe even harder to talk to an adult about it. The Bible tells us that we were all born with it; that sin is a part of the human condition, because of the fall away from God in the Garden of Eden. Because of that first disobedience to God, we all have inherited a sinful nature.

The Bible also tells us that because of the sin which gnaws away at our very existence, and because our relationship with God has been shattered by it, we need a substitute to take our sin away. We simply aren’t capable of doing it ourselves. The substitute of course is Jesus.

Even though our sins have been forgiven, the struggle continues. It’s easy to see why there is confusion about this. If Jesus took away our sins, why must we continue to ask for forgiveness and why do we go on sinning? The Apostle, Paul even posed that question when he said, “When I want to do good, evil is right there with me.” The battle with sin is a daily event and one that we cannot win alone.

By the grace of God and His love for us, we have forgiveness and His Spirit works that belief in us. The battle will continue until the day we die, but we can be certain that the war has been won for us through Jesus


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