Grace is a word not used much today. Maybe because the act of being gracious isn’t being taught. Isn’t it funny how some of the old traditional things like good manners, obedience, team work, non violent behavior and caring for each other has to be taught? Maybe that’s why we’re in the state we’re in as a nation today.

Many of the above behaviors are spoken of in the Bible. Most of the characters in that book are just like us. They needed to learn these basic tenets of behavior. We are all by nature sinful. We’re born screaming and protesting and we often go out of this world the same way.

Moses gave his people commands from God. They weren’t merely suggestions. The first talk about loving, honoring and serving God and the rest deal with our relationships with our fellow man. They are still valid today, whether they are upheld or not.

In the cities and principalities of the world, laws are established to keep order, to respect those in authority and to solve disputes in a non violent way. Once those laws are broken and allowed to be stepped on and abused, all hell breaks loose and anything goes. Today it often seems that the legal system is upside down, but God’s law remains the same.

If God were to judge us for our disobedience right now, we would all go to hell, but that isn’t how He works. He provided a way out for us. He sent His only begotten Son – God made flesh – to make the final sacrifice for us. When we follow Him and His commandments, we can be sure of a place in heaven.

Grace s defied as undeserved kindness God dishes that kindness out to us every day, because of his amazing grace.



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  1. I was blessed by this; thanks!


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