The role of the father is changing so much today. Now dads are often portrayed as bumbling idiots. Look at today’s advertising or sit-coms, for example.

Moms are now the bread winners in many cases. Moms make the important decisions regarding family purchases, travel and education opportunities for their children. Dads aren’t even part of the equation anymore and many times, dads aren’t even part of the family anymore.

My own father was not a great example of perfection. I know he loved us, but he rarely showed it. Many times his verbal abuse was demeaning and disheartening. There were days when I hated him, but there were also days when I couldn’t help loving him – because he was my dad. When I questioned him about things he would often say, “It’s because I’m your father.”  That didn’t really answer the question, but it did tell me that he was the boss.

God, our heavenly Father deserves the same respect and much more. He is a perfect dad. He loves us unconditionally. He listens to and answers our prayers. He wants only the best for us. He provides for us in so many ways. His love is beyond human comprehension. He won’t let us down or leave us. He has a magnificent inheritance waiting just for us.

He also allows us to face adversity, asks us to wait for answers, suffer pain and loss, lose our health and stamina as an act of loving discipline, but He never stops being our Father. He is the perfect example of what a loving father should be.


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  1. So true.
    “Finding Nemo” is a textbook case study in promotion of the image of the weak, neurotic, and decadent U.S. Father figure. A pathetic indecisive buffoon.

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  2. Thanks for that Kathy. Fatherhood needs defenders


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