Words sometimes flow from my mouth like a gushing river.
Will I never learn that some of them might put someone on the defensive –
Or hurt feelings, or confuse or antagonize?
God please help me to think before I speak.
Help me edit the words I speak the same way I revise the words I write.
It would be nice to be able auto correct what we say.
I pray that I would never become a stumbling block to anyone.
I pray that I can remain silent until I’ve thought things through.
I pray for discernment and wisdom.
Lord, let my words be used to encourage, inspire and motivate.
Use me to share the only true Word that I can depend on –
Your Holy Bible.



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  1. It’s no crime to shake things up and provoke.
    Better than being a spineless Christian milque-toast… IMO

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    • Whatever!


      • One can find support for both sides (humble, prudent silence VS. confrontational provocation) in the NT and even in Christ’s own words (Matthew 10:27 and other places) but probably prudence and tact should be the default setting.

        I’m not sure what you meant by “whatever” in this context but your post is timely and thought-provoking.


    • Hey Desdi,

      I agree that it’s no crime to shake things up, Jesus Himself shook up quite a bit.

      My problem is with provoking. Although I have done it quite a bit myself in the past, I think the default reaction by Christians in all situations should be grace. In other words, milk toast isn’t so bad.


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  2. My whatever is based on your reference to milk toast Christians. The tongue needs to be controlled as God says in James 3,


  3. When we vocalize inner thoughts, they can come out differently when spoken. What I’m saying is we need to think before we speak.


  4. Well I certainly have never spoken just to provoke

    Not me


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  5. Both are true.Kathy! We can be silent when we should speak and speak when we shouldn’t. Sometimes it helps if I figure out who is actually speaking. The holy spirit is about healing and reconciliation and I am more about tearing people’s heads off. Usually God doesn’t need my help there.



  1. FINDING THE RIGHT WORDS – Truth in Palmyra

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