Almost everyone has heard of the “egg drop experiment. This simple test allows the student to construct a container that protects a raw egg from cracking as it is dropped from a certain height. What is the actual purpose of this? I guess it’s to get students thinking about creativity through engineering.

The obvious effect from dropping an egg from any height would be for it to break. Figuring out how to protect it is the engineering process that takes place. If you were that egg how would you feel about the experiment? Would you have total trust in the one who was conducting it? Most likely you wouldn’t.

Some of us often forget that we have someone we can count on for protection on a daily basis. We sometimes think we can control our own destiny and don’t need anyone’s help, but being part of God’s family gives more protection than a few soft cotton balls or plastic bubble wrap. His love, power and wisdom wrap us in a much stronger armor.

A mighty fortress is our God!


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