The world has some specific ideas about what a woman should be. Over time that image has changed, largely due to the feminist movement. Don’t get me wrong. I think women have the right to earn the same as men for the same job. I also agree that women have been discriminated against for many years in our history, but when we have to live up to a standard set by society, I think we are setting ourselves up for failure.

For example – women today must be a certain size; they should succeed in the workplace as well as at home; they are measured by their accomplishments; they must fill all the needs of their children and husbands and still have time for themselves – because they deserve it.

The Bible has some things to say about women too. When you read Proverbs 31:10-31 it specifically talks about what a wife of noble character should be. Some of those job requirements are: Great value – worthy – wise – efficient – capable – ability to stay up all night if necessary to get her work done – compassionate – strong – dignified – able to stretch a dollar – loving – desirable.

No wonder women sometimes feel overwhelmed. We also place impossible goals on ourselves. We try to please everyone. We want to make everything right. We want to give until our hearts sometimes have no more to give.

At one time women were referred to as the weaker sex. What matters is that God knows we aren’t going to be able to live up to all that’s expected of us, but He has empowered us with something much more sustaining than what the world has to offer. He’s given us an inner strength. He provides that through the Holy Spirit.

Maybe we don’t get the dishes done. Maybe we’ve added an extra 20 pounds to our girth. Maybe we feel like a failure as a mom or wife. Maybe we just can’t do it all.

We are not always going to be able to live up to what is expected of us. In fact, all of humanity has fallen short of what God expects of us. There is good news however. God loves us no matter what mistakes we have made. He cares about us as His children, even when things aren’t perfect. He looks beyond our imperfections and forgives us. He wants us to be with Him in eternity.


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  1. When I was a kid I thought being a girl meant being feminine. I am not super feminine. I never have been. I hated wearing dresses, I hated pink, didn’t play with dolls, etc. I like dragons and play video games for fun. I still play Crash Team Racing (which came out in 1996) with my dad, almost every night. Sometimes I drive badly, and he’ll say, “You drive like a girl.” If he drives badly, I’ll say the same thing. To me there’s a difference between being a “girl” and being a woman. These days, to me, being a “girl” means being wimpy and stereotypically feminine, while being a woman means being strong, independent, and feisty. I’m much more comfortable with being feminine in some ways, but I still hate pink. 🙂


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