The parenting role never changes. Once you become one, you are one for life. As your children grow and start new lives on their own, they may be gone, but certainly not forgotten. Their safety, their freedom from problems and worry, their joys and
sorrows still remain a part of you.

Sometimes, as we age, we cling to them more than they wish we would. Both of our moms came back into our lives when they needed a place to live and be cared for, but weren’t quite ready or a nursing home. It’s not easy to become your parent’s parent. For one thing, it’s like raising another child and the parent you remembered when you were young is not the same. Now you are doing the reprimanding; the encouraging; the guiding.

I pray that I won’t have to inflict that burden on my children, but it chances are it will happen. When and if it does, I know that they will handle it with some frustration as well as joy. The older we get, the more we resist change, but I’m almost certain that we will always have it in our lives until we die.

Thank you, dear Father, for being the one constant thing in my life.


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