How can you become a Christian?

I have posted this before but it’s an important message so…


Realize Who God Is

It all starts with a realization of Who God is. The Bible says He is the creator of the universe (Genesis 1:1) and creator of man (Colossians 1:16). God is holy (1 Peter 1:16), righteous (Psalm 145:17), perfect (Matthew 5:48) and is the judge (Romans 2:16) of all mankind. He is all-powerful (Luke 18:27), all-knowing (Psalm 139:2-6), and is everywhere (Job 28:24). God is eternal (Psalm 90:2), infinite (Psalm 102:25-27), and unchanging (Hebrews 13:8). He is sovereign (Romans 8:28-30), good (Psalm 25:8), merciful (Daniel 9:9), and gracious (Psalm 103:8). Understanding these attributes helps build a proper foundation to our need for Him.

Realize That You Are A Sinner

To become a Christian, you must realize that you are a sinner (Romans 3:23) and that your sin is rebellion against God (Psalm 51:4). Think about every time you have lied, stolen, lusted after someone, hated someone, disobeyed your parents or used God’s name disrespectfully. You will never be good enough to enter Heaven on your own merit (Ephesians 2:8-9) because committing even one sin deserves judgment (Revelation 20:12) according to God’s law (James 2:10). No amount of good deeds can ever erase your sin.

Repent Of Your Sin

According to the Bible, God is filled with wrath and hates sin (Romans 1:18). Sin is very serious to God and you must be willing to repent (Romans 2:4-8). To repent means that you are changing your mind about your sin and realize that your sin does not please God. True repentance starts with genuine sorrow and regret over your sins (2 Corinthians 7:9-10) and leads to a change in behavior.

Believe In Jesus Christ

God loves you so much that He made a way for you to escape eternal punishment in Hell and allow you into Heaven. Jesus willingly died on a cross to pay for the penalty of your sins (1 Peter 2:24) and rose from the grave (Matthew 28:5-6) to conquer death. The Bible says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16). It is not enough to just believe these facts, but you must personally receive Jesus Christ into your life (John 1:12).

Trust In Jesus Christ

You can personally receive Jesus Christ by trusting in Him as your Savior to rescue you from the penalty of your sin (Romans 8:1-4). You must also be willing to follow Him as your Lord (Luke 9:23-24). Nothing is more important than where you spend eternity, so please don’t wait another day to turn to Christ.

What We Deserve

We are all sinners deserving of hell. That is because we sinned against a Holy God who gave us life. He sees every sinful thought, attitude, word and deed we have ever committed. Think about how many times you have sinned. It is not possible to be good enough to deserve Heaven (or bad enough to not be forgiven). You broke God’s laws and deserve punishment. Only Jesus can pay the fine you owe.

Proper Motivation

Think about how you would feel if you were guilty of countless crimes and got sentenced to life in prison unless you could pay a 100 billion dollar fine. Then, all of a sudden someone comes and pays your fine and sets you free. How would you feel? Probably extremely thankful, undeserving, indebted, and excited. That should be your attitude towards what Jesus did for you because He paid a fine you couldn’t pay. Your motive to follow Jesus should be because He took the punishment you deserved to save you soul and allow you into Heaven, not because you fear Hell or desire a better life on earth.

Need For Forgiveness

Maybe you want forgiveness for your sins and want to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Please take some time and think about your very own sins that sent Jesus to the cross. It should break your heart. Think about the humiliation, beatings, and eventual death He endured for your sins. More significantly, he endured the very wrath of God. That is how amazing Jesus is and how much he loves sinners.

Cry Out To God

Confess to God that you have broken His law and sinned against Him. Tell Him you are going to turn from your sins (repent) and that you need His help to clean you up. Ask Him to forgive all your sins. Thank Him for sending His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross in your place to pay for your sins. Believe that He rose from the dead to conquer death. Receive His free gift of eternal life in Heaven. Place your trust in Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

If you believe that God has saved you, keep on believing and following the Lord. Read the Bible every day and obey what it says.


God bless


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  1. Nicely done. And a very good progression of thought.

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  2. Amen-Amein!! This is a Great Post!! Please Pray for all Sisters and Brothers Christian in Christ Jesus ( Yeshua ) Everyday!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    GOD Bless All my Sisters and Brothers and Your Families and Friends in Christ Jesus ( Yeshua )!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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  3. How can you become a Christian? Reject all reasonable logic and credible evidence for its, or any (Zeus, Odin, etc.) deities’, existence. Submit to a creed that demands your acceptance of a bizarre, completely impossible creed borrowed from previous religious philosophies it happens to also reject. Believe that prayer, above and even instead of action, will achieve anything and that misfortune is the work of the devil (or similar anti-christ figures prominent in other previous religions Christianity again at once borrows from but rejects) or a vengeful God/Jesus. Finally, join in the mass mental problem (as suggested Freud) which afflicts billions and has held back the scientific advancement of humankind for thousands of years, up until the more secular or at least less spiritually ignorant recent couple of centuries. Only then, can you become a Christian. It’s not difficult. And that’s the problem.


    • Hi word

      Might i suggest you become conversant on Christianity before speaking?

      What you just expressed is your opinions about Christians. The post is correct

      Do you dispute the biblical accuracy of what was written ?

      Because otherwise it seems you might just be trolling for occassion to insult Christians and argue

      If am wrong i offer my apology in advance


      • Wally, yes: I absolutely dispute anything accurate about the Bible (or any holy book or tradition throughout history) which asserts the farcical existence of God, Jesus (Odin, Zeus, etc.) or both.

        You and many people seem to not understand what trolling is. I’m not calling you names or abusing you. I’m simply trying to inject some sense into your group think. If you’re offended, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m wrong.


    • Word,

      If you read the post in its entirety, you have been presented with the whole picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      If you reject it, fine, many do.

      But if you do reject it, please don’t do so based on bad information when eternity is at stake.

      I am not trying to insult you but all of the reasoning you use in your comment has been pretty soundly refuted countless times.

      God bless, have a good day,



      • If you had any credibility or humility you would have said the Bible presents the whole picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not your post. Have you sinned now?

        Bad information? You mean science? History? The fact that throughout history humanity has had many gods but currently billions are arrogant enough to believe that in 1000 years people won’t scoff at Jesus the way they do at Odin and Zeus? You’d have to be extremely biased by a group think delusion to see that as bad information.

        Also, there’s no such thing as mortal eternity. Only universal eternity. I know that scares you. But hiding behind fantasy won’t help the fear.

        Just saying the reasoning I use has been refuted countless times is not good enough. You have to actually provide examples of such refutation.

        You, and your fellow people of faith (quite apart from fact) continue to insult my intelligence. But that’s it.

        Good day to you.


        • Word,

          I will try to be as charitable as I can here but, thus far, all you have done is accuse me of lacking humilty, said “science ” and “history”, accused Christ followers of being arrogant, and made the bizarre statement that people will scoff at Jesus in 1,000 years…

          If you want to have a discussion, fine, let’s go. But, you need to come up with something other than nonsensical statements in order for that to occur.

          Sorry if you feel your intelligence has been insulted but I am not that impressed with what you have demonstrated so far so…



          • James,

            You claimed your post presented “the whole picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.

            Seems blasphemous and lacking in humility to me. Not that I care from a religious point-of-view, of course.

            Also, you seem to be wilfully ignoring my reasonable assertion that, today, the idea of Odin and Zeus are scoffed at and as follows Jesus and God will be treated with the same scorn and dismissal in another 1000 years (actually sooner if you consult predictions for humanity’s future).


            • Of course, the “whole picture” can only be found in the Bible, that goes without saying.

              But the post is very good and very concise, would you not agree? I have been doing this for 30 years and have never presented the Gospel by reading the whole Bible to someone, no one does that so it’s remarkable you took issues with an objectively very good presentation.

              What predictions of humanity’s future are you referring to in which you say Jesus will be scoffed at? I have never read about this future so it seems you are just throwing that out there.

              Also, in order for your logic to follow, Zues, Odin, and Jesus would have to be on equal footing as historical beings. Would you say that is actually the case?

              And, Christianity grew in popularity throughout the Roman world, which included Greece (which was within the Roman Empire), and created competition for Ancient Greek religion. Christianity appealed to people because it offered spiritual rewards that transcended everyday life and material desires — not least of which was resurrection and immortality: an afterworld free of disease, hunger, poverty, and all suffering. And in such a strict hierarchical world, with slaves at the bottom who could be killed at the whim of a master, to Emperors and others of imaginable wealth, Christianity also offered an afterlife in which all are equal.

              What is going to take the place of Christianity in the future you speak of? Not the dark hopelessness of atheism I hope.



                Not atheism. An absence of religion. I can’t be bothered mentioning in which year/decade it’s predicted to happen (and of course it’s merely speculation (albeit based on research and the progression of human history)) but the whole thing is enjoyable reading (at least up until a point in the future which is irrelevant to humanity as we know it).

                In the end, I’m arguing with facts against faith – which is futile. But I have enjoyed the distraction. Thank you and best wishes with however you choose to conduct your life in good faith (spiritual or otherwise).


  4. Actually, you failed to address my question. I didn’t ask if you agreed with the accuracy of the Bible. I asked if you disputed the post authors application of it in terms of how to become a Christian.

    You make disagree totally with the correctness of our views, but your assertion that the post is “wrong” from a Biblical standpoint is quite wrong in itself, and shows that you really understand nothing about the faith you criticize.

    Trolling. Well, actually of course it’s not trolling if you hold the definition of it in your hand LOL. Some might say that long, rambling comments not actually addressing the content of a post and refusing to answer direct question are trolling. Some might also say broad, sweeping assertions about the nature of faith with no data to back up are trolling. You know, thing’s like “delusional” and group think. These are words which sound good and seem to paint believers as delusional fools. The problem is, that label is no more true for Christians than it is for atheists.

    I mean, if you want to hurl labels, let’s talk atheist group think for a bit. Maybe you will be the one to actually answer this question. Why to the very people who say their belief system is “content free,” and that they are “free thinkers,” all say almost exactly the same things then engage a Christian?

    Final not, regarding you evaluation of the author’s integrity. You said
    “If you had any credibility or humility you would have said the Bible presents the whole picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not your post. Have you sinned now?”

    Do you realize how absurd it is for an atheist to judge a Christian on the quality of their faith? It’s quite common, almost like something out of the Atheist get a Christian playbook. Perhaps you could explain the logic of evaluation another’s practice that A: you don’t believe to be valid and B: don’t actually understand.
    Because, honestly, the constant barrage of that accusation from atheists, sounds a lot like…group think.

    And finally. Thanks very much for your valiant attempts to save us from ourselves.



    • How’s this for direct and specific: religion is stupid bullshit. Albeit interesting, at least philosophically and historically, stupid bullshit.

      If you can’t on your own see the validity of an atheist suggesting a Christian may have sinned (which of course I don’t believe in in a spiritual sense (I do of course understand the difference between right and wrong, uncorrupted by the many massively outdated and/or simply ridiculous standards in place 2000 years or longer ago)), then I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince you. I could ask you to think about it, but if I’ve learned anything actually remarkable about religion it’s that one must necessarily stop thinking and analysing and critiquing in order to believe it.

      I’m glad for your amusement. I share it. But it comes from an entirely different, real (as opposed to not) place.


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