An important lesson on what to wear to church

*I have been extremely busy with inner city mission work and didn’t have time for anything new so…


I got this via email this morning and thought it was worth sharing. The intent, I think, is for this to be humorous but there is an important biblical message here.

One Sunday morning an old cowboy entered a church just before services were to begin. Although the old man and his clothes were spotlessly clean, he wore jeans, a denim shirt and boots that were very worn and ragged. In his hand he carried a worn out old hat and an equally worn out Bible. The church he entered was in a very upscale and exclusive part of the city. It was the largest and most beautiful church the old cowboy had ever seen. The people of the congregation were all dressed with expensive clothes and accessories. As the cowboy took a seat, the others moved away from him. No one greeted, spoke to, or welcomed him. They were all appalled at his appearance and did not attempt to hide it. As the old cowboy was leaving the church, the preacher approached him and asked the cowboy to do him a favor.

“Before you come back in here again, have a talk with God and ask him what he thinks would be appropriate attire for worship.” The old cowboy assured the preacher he would.

The next Sunday, he showed back up for the services wearing the same ragged jeans, shirt, boots, and hat. Once again he was completely shunned and ignored. The preacher approached the man and said, “I thought I asked you to speak to God before you came back to our church.” “I did,” replied the old cowboy. “If you spoke to God, what did he tell you the proper attire should be for worshiping in here?” asked the preacher. “Well, sir, God told me that He didn’t have a clue what I should wear. He said He’d never been in here before.”


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  1. My priest has once or twice talked about what is “appropriate” attire for worship. I role my eyes and show up every week in my baggy sweatshirts with guinea pig holes in them. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if I’ve shown up with bird turd in my hair since I got my little buddy.

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  2. I have been in quite a few of those churches where God would have to have an invitation to be allowed inside. Then, it would be questionable if He would be allowed to do anything.


  3. I’ve been to that church!

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  4. Oh my!!! I think I might have been to that Church before. Good one.

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  5. So true. If Jesus looked only at our outward appearance, we’d be dead in the water.

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  6. Long hair, a seamless robe and sandals are always appropriate attire…

    but in most Churches, the Babylonian business-suit seems to be standard.

    The Lord Himself probably could not care less what we wear.

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  7. One issue we all got in our churches today is people who judge you before they even get to know you. Lovely post!


  8. Lol… Humourous but with a deep message.

    Indeed, God doesn’t care about the packaging, he’s more concerned with the content. Best to leave judgement to him. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

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  9. That’s an old joke, but a good one!

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  10. Reblogged this on Word For Life Says . . . and commented:
    What to wear to church: Is God as worried about our outter attire as we are or is He more concerned with the workings of the inner heart?

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  11. Brilliant story with a great message.



  1. Take Me Deeper – Tendrils

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